Advance note: All our safaris you can see below include trained guides, one camel per person, all the drinking water you may need, meals cooked with mineral water and comfortable, clean bedding.

Half day safari

Departure from Jaisalmer – 2:00 pm (by jeep) (October to March) or 3:00 pm (April to September).
Return – 9:00 pm (flexible)
Programmed activities: Camel ride to isolated sand dunes, visiting a few Dhanis (small villages) on the way. Sunset watch, tea and dinner on the dunes, with meals prepared by the campfire.
Star watching after dinner and return to Jaisalmer by jeep.

Full day safari

Departure from Jaisalmer – 7:30  am (by jeep)
Return: 7:00 pm 
Facilities available free of charge to leave your luggage, if you need, and shower facilities also available.
Programmed activities: Watch the sunrise at breakfast
8:00 am to 12:00 – Camel safari, visiting remote villages and enjoying the wild life of the region.
12:00 – 3:00 pm – Lunch and rest in the shade near the oasis
3:00 pm to 5:30 pm – Experience the desert and a magical sunset evening.

Overnight Safari

Departure from Jaisalmer - Day 1 – 2:00 pm (by jeep).
Return: Day 2 - Noon
Facilities available free of charge to leave your luggage, if you need, and shower facilities also available.
Programmed activities:
Day 1: 
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm - Camel ride, visiting beautiful villages and arriving at the sand dunes in time for sunset.
Evening – Dinner around the campfire and star watching till you fall asleep.
Day 2 :
8:00 am to 11:00 am – Camel ride after sunrise and breakfast followed by transfer to Jaisalmer by noon.

2 Day -1 night Safari

Departure from Jaisalmer – Day 1 – 7:30 am (by jeep) 
Return – Day 2 – 6:30 pm
Facilities available free of charge to leave your luggage, if you need, and shower facilities also available.
Programmed activities:
Day 1:
Breakfast at sunrise  
8:00 am to 12:00 noon - Camel safari visiting a traditional Rajput village and another village of tribal people.
12:00 to 3:00 pm - Lunch and rest in the shade at the oasis.
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – Camel ride to a village of mixed castes through the native wild life, villages and isolated sand dunes.
Arrival to camp site to watch the sunset and having a delicious dinner freshly prepared under the stars
Day 2:
After sunrise and breakfast, the tour continues through villages and sand dunes.
8:00 am to 12:00 – Experience the desert environment, with its vegetation and wild creatures and visit two other villages (optional).
12:00 noon to 3:00 pm – Lunch and rest in the shade of trees.
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – Now that you feel at ease on a camel’s back you can try galloping your way back to the campsite before returning to Jaisalmer.

2 nights Safari

This tour can be made shorter on request
The tour starts when we pick you up at Jaisalmer’s train station at 11:30 am. (Day 1)
Return – Day 3 – Noon
Day 1:
After the long train trip, you have the opportunity for a shower and some sightseeing before departing at 2:00 pm (October to March) or 3:00 pm (April to September) by jeep to the campsite.
3:00 (4:00) pm to 6:00 pm – Camel ride in the afternoon while you visit the Dhanis (small villages), getting to the sand dunes in time for sunset.
Watch your delicious dinner being prepared and gaze at the stars while you fall asleep comfortably. 
Day 2:
This will be your first sunrise served with breakfast, before you set off   on your camel to visit the villages scattered along the sand dunes. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the desert life, watch the exotic creatures of the sands, observe the vegetation and enjoy the peaceful quiet life of this unforgettable environment just like the locals do.  
8:00 am to 12:00 – Camel ride through dunes and villages.
12:00 to 3:00 pm - Lunch and rest in the shade.
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm – Camel ride to a village traditional Rajput village and its beautiful sand dunes.
Evening – Sunset and dinner prepared on the camp, under the stars. 
Day 3:
8:00 am to 11:00 am - After sunrise and breakfast camel ride and transfer back to Jaisalmer. You still have time for a shower and some sightseeing before your departure at 4.40 pm.

Longer Safaris

Following the backbone of the safaris we presented above, it only depends on you how far you want to take your desert experience and how deep you want to dive the wonders of the sand dunes. Wild adventurers will want to further test their skills on a camel’s back till they can be taken for experienced drivers. Galloping a camel requires a bit of experience and if you take a longer safari, you’ll be able to feel you have tamed the desert and you are truly together with nature.
The longer the safari, the more villages and oasis you’ll be able to see but also the deeper will be the dream of the desert into your soul.
If you want to experience a real adventure, ask us for details on the following safaris:

Three days , two nights safari

Ref.: D3N007

Four days, three nights safari

Ref.: D4N008

Five days, four nights safari

Ref.: D5N009

Six days, five nights safari

Ref.: D6N010

Seven days, six nights safari

Ref.: W7011

Special occasion safaris

Christmas Safari

You’ll have a chance to have an exotic Christmas Party in the most unlikely place, probably risking seeing Santa and Rudolph throwing sand at each other and hiding the presents under the camel’s hump. In the dark sky of the desert, you’ll have double chances of really seeing the Christmas star shooting through the darkness. 
Ask for details with Ref.: CH3012

New Year Safari

Our 3 Days, 2 nights safaris can be adjusted to coincide with the New Year celebrations and you won’t have a better way of welcoming the New Year than receiving it under the stars, accompanied by the movements of the exotic desert dancers and the lively music, that goes deep into your senses. 
Ask for details with Ref.: NY3013

Other occasions

If you are a fan of any special occasion of the year, remember you can always have a desert experience to go with it. Why not a Halloween Safari with the witches dancing on the sand? And what about a romantic Valentines Safari, where you’ll have the chance to talk your love promises under the quiet of the darkest sky? Ever thought about a St. Patrick’s Day Safari… ? Maybe the Leprechaun’s will join you with a Guinness dancing by the campfire.!!!
contact us
Note: There’s a minimum number of 10 people for the party included in these safaris to be organized. Nevertheless, the safari in itself will take place with whatever number of participants.

Other Services

During your stay in Jaisalmer we will be able to assist you with any other service you might need,. We can help you programming the remaining part of your trip, providing the following services:
Transfer by taxi from and to the nearest airports of Jodhpur and Udaipur
Assistance on arrival to the train station of Jaisalmer and also on the way out if you leave by train
Bus, train and airplane tickets to every destination
Guides for city sightseeing
Hotel reservations
Please, use the contacts section of this website to send us any question or ask for any information.
"Knowing the Rajasthan is building an inner link with the Thar desert. You can't know the Rajasthan if you don't go through the three massive gates of the Jaisalmer castle sucessively following up a winding path that formerly served to prevent and deter enemy attacks.
That's where we will be expecting you, to show you a little bit of the desert life, to let you know the feeling of falling asleep at night with your eyes on the stars. Along the pages of this website you will find some practical advice you should follow to get a unique experience that will remain in your memories far beyond the time of a simple trip. You can also see the routes we have chosen for you and decide which one is best suited to your group or your fantasy, within the time you have available.
We also invite you to visit our photo gallery where you can get a first idea about what is, in fact, the desert and the lives of those who cross it daily. Princesses and Maharajas, have crossed it and have loved it. Now it's your turn.
In Jaisalmer, we will wait for you."

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